White Desert Trips

The Best Adventures To Sahara desert

White Desert Trips

We are professionals in organizing safari trips to the best desert sites in Western and Eastern Egypt and we have a long range in that, and we offer part of our tours to be flexible to suit all types and ages of our customers to give them an opportunity to create special tours there according to their time and what they like to do it

CrystalMountain is an obligatory stop on adventurous safaris in the Egyptiandesert oasis It is located within the WhiteDesert, 120 kilometers from Farafra Oasis, and 160 kilometers from Bahariya Oasis. It is considered one of the rarest mountains in the world, as it is full of different crystalline materials, as there are more than 12 types.ain

The (in the BahariyaOasis) is an area of widely spaced volcanic-shaped hills, distributed along about 35 kilometers (19 mi) in western Egypt between the WhiteDesert to the south and the Bahariya Oasis to the north. Most of its hills are covered with basalt sills, which gives it its colour. Distinctive black.

White Desert Trips

We are Bedouin friends who are proud to organize all kinds of tours as a gateway to show you the true Witch of Egypt whom very few around the world know, and our activities

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