Program 3Night 4 Days in the Desert

3Night 4 Days

Program3Night 4 Days in the Desert

Our tour will start at 7am from Cairo, after 4 hours we reach the oasis, have lunch and move

on to the safari

palm trees

, salt lake,

Dinosaur Mountain

English Mountain

Hotel 🏨

The Black Desert

Hot water

Bedouin Villag


  large area filled with beautiful rocks

⛺Camp in the aleagapt

  go to the Valley of the Palm

The New White Desert

Old whit desert

  ⛺The camp an  New white desert


1-the Jeep car 4×4 Jeep care
2- Three meals ( lunch, Dinner,and Breakfast)
3-Mineral water during the tour
4-Fruit, hot and soft drinks
5- sleeping needs (Mattresses, blankets, sleeping bags and tent)
6-English Guide
7- Full camp and all food  and

White Desert Trips

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