White Desert Trip's

We are proud to organize all kinds of tours as a gateway to show you the true Witch of Egypt whom very few around the world know, and our activities around bahariya oasis and white desert trips .

white desert trips

The White Desert is a unique and beautiful natural wonder located in Egypt where everyone can enjoy some interesting facts about this stunning  landscape which includes:

1. The White Desert gets its name from the white chalky rock formations that cover the desert floor.  These formations have been sculpted by wind erosion and resemble mushrooms, chicken legs, and other interesting shapes

2. The White Desert is located in the Western Desert of Egypt, about 45 kilometers north of the city of Farafra.

4. The White Desert is home to a variety of unique plant and animal species, including sand cats, desert foxes, and Egyptian vultures 5. The White Desert is a popular touridestination

5. The White Desert is a popular tourist destination and is known for its stunning landscapes and unique rock formations. Everyone can take guided tours through the desert and even camp overnight in the middle of the desert.

6. The desert is also known for its stunning night sky, which is free from light pollution and offers incredible stargazing opportunities.

White Desert Trip's in Bahariya Oasis

PORGRAM 2 Days / 1 night

Day 1 : Our tour will start at7 am from your hotel in Cairo to Bahariya oasis ‘ after 4 hours we reach the oasis, have lunch and move by 4×4 car Safari Tour to visit.

1-black Desert
2-Bedouin Village and cold watr
3-Crystal mountain
4-Aqapta Mountain
5-Moon Cave
6-big sand Dune and sharpstone
7-old white desert
8-New white desert
9-Sand boarding

1-the Jeep car 4×4 Jeep care
2- four meals (lunch, Dinner, and Breakfast)
3-Mineral water during the tour
4-Fruit, hot and soft drinks
5- sleeping needs (Mattresses, blankets, sleeping bags and tent)
6-English Guide
7- Full camping in white desert
8 – food and drinks

Day -2
Morning have sunrise and have breakfast and explore new white desert and come back to Bahariya oasis and pick you back your hotel in Cairo.

White Desert Trips

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